Toursprung operates a Routing API for

  • car routing,

  • pedestrian routing,

  • bicycle routing and

  • ski routing.

routingThe routing API currently covers Western Europe. The base network for the Routing API is the OpenStreetMap network of roads and ways. The bicycle routing is based on three layers of data: 1) road network, 2) digital elevation model, giving preference for routes with less vertical climb, 3) a route popularity heatmap of Europe, based on 3 million user provided bike routes, giving preference to more popular alternatives and thus covering “soft” factors such as surface quality, traffic or scenicness.

Please note that certain types of applications may require quality check and quality improvement of the specific OpenStreetMap area. (This most notably applies to ski routing in a specific area. For other routing types the network quality usually is excellent already.)

The API returns a specific route between two or more points plus meta data such as distance (which can be used to calculate a time estimate). The API also returns a complete road book / cue sheet for each route. The cue sheet can easily be translated in any language, current translations exist for English, German and Dutch.

The Routing API can be used in any application, including browsers and smartphone apps. See the chapter Maptoolkit UI Components for a deploy-ready route planning component for browsers that operates with the Routing API.

The Routing APIs can be packaged into offline routing packages for a pre-determined region, for download into smartphone apps, using an open-source routing SDK. (Android and iOS supported.) This way routing is available without a mobile data connection, especially useful in conjunction with offline cartography by Maptoolkit.

The API can be configured in a way that it returns a round-trip in pre-defined / configurable length starting from the user’s position. The algorithm will use POI data (POI sources are configurable) to calculate a round-trip that passes as many of these points of interest as possible and returns to the original position in a circle and within the pre-determined approximate time frame.

TIsochrones (beta)he Routing API can be used to calculate and display isochrones. An isochrones is a polygon around a point A that connect all points to which a travel times from A are equal. Isochrones can be used to show how well an address is reachable by car, bike or foot. Possible areas of application include job or real estate search.

The Ski Routing engine can be used to route within a ski resort, from and to lift stations, ski huts or other POIs. It is being used in a first application within data ski goggles that show routing instructions within a small screen inside the goggles.

Optionally lift opening hours can be taken into account for selected ski resorts, and the routing can be packaged as an offline routing package (so it works without data connection). Note that usually the data quality of each ski resort needs to be checked prior to deployment.

The large Austrian ski resort Ski Amadé is already making use of our ski routing in their data goggles:

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