Maptoolkit App integrationmobilehamburg

For the use of Maptoolkit in smartphone apps Toursprung supplies APIs in a format specifically optimized for the leading open-source Mapbox SDK and Mapbox GL SDK for iOS and Android, plus well-documented implementation guidelines.

This way Maptoolkit customers can flexibly build their own smartphone applications, while still using the powerful Maptoolkit stack including hosted geodata, cartography, routing and elevation data.

For high performance and minimal download sizes Toursprung can supply vector cartography as an alternative to raster cartography. Vector cartography can be used in tilt view and can be rotated with text labels always remaining horizontal / readable.

Offline Use Cases

For the use without a mobile data connection Maptoolkit cartography and/or Maptoolkit routing can be supplied as downloadable packages to the end user. In addition to rectangular bounding boxes we can provide region packages (administrative regions) or corridors along routes. This limits to download size to the bare essential.

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