Customer Geodata

To achieve that level of scalability we mirror our customers’ geodata – either by nightly sync processes (all we need is a structured interface on your side) or by supplying you a solid Push API that you can use to create, update or delete geodata on our servers.

The Maptoolkit post-processing of geodata goes beyond clustering and caching – for lots of geodata additional metadata is calculated automatically:

  • Indices for all combinations of filters (configurable) and zoom levels

  • A full-text index for real-time full-text filtering of your geodata

  • Vertical climb, highest point and elevation profiles for routes, using the Maptoolkit Elevation API

  • Distance and export formats (GPX, KML) for routes

  • Static maps (PNGs) for POIs or routes in the dimensions needed in your project, using the Maptoolkit Static Maps API

In addition to server-side category filters, a client-side filter can be implemented limiting the display of geocontent to a corridor along a given route.

Another advantage of Maptoolkit Geodata Hosting is that customer geodata can be used in smartphone apps via Maptoolkit Mobile without having to connect the apps to the customers’ CMS.

Third Party Geodata

In addition to mirroring your geodata, Maptoolkit also provides a range of third party geodata-like pictures (Panoramio, Flickr), Live Webcams from (including 24h time lapse), outdoor routes (,, weather forecasts (, Wikipedia articles and more than 2 million POIs from OpenStreetMap, covering everything from money machines to tourism offices, restaurants, public toilets to around 200 other categories. Note that the Terms of Use of the third party sources apply. Also geodata from any other Maptoolkit customer can be displayed if that customer explicitly agrees (data syndication).

Apart from third party geodata available we frequently implement third party APIs at a customer’s request.

Get in touch

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