Maptoolkit is made for developers, who have the know how and experience to implement maps by their own but want to benefit from a feature rich map framework.

Maptoolkit includes the core components of Maptoolkit Enterprise like cartography (including custom styling, if needed) and the essential APIs.

Maptoolkit APIs

Map styles

Following standard map styles come with Maptoolkit Lite!


Our pricing is based on requests, which are expected.
* As requests map loads, static map and geocoding requests are counted.
** To provide some seasonal flexibility without a pricing increase, requests are counted by a monthly average.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1What happens if requests are reached?
At first, nothing! Our philosophy is that maps should be visible and therefore we tolerate seasonal differences in requests. we calculate requests as monthly average year-by-year. If requests exceed the limit over a longer period, switching to another plan can done easily.
2Is there a possibly to migrate from Maptoolkit Lite to Maptoolkit Web at a later point?
We suggest to use our mtk.js to be make the most out of our APIs and to be prepared for an upgrade from Maptoolkit Lite to Maptoolkit Web. If mtk.js is used a transition is smooth and only new features need implementation effort. If you are using Leaflet or another map library a migration to mtk.js is necessary but usually this is quite simple.
3Who is using Maptoolkit Lite?
Those customers already use Maptoolkit Lite: Touristic region of eastern bavaria e.V., Rigi Bahnen AG, SummitLynx, … Please also check our customers bellow.
4What are the costs in comparison to Google Maps or Mapbox?


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