Today we launched three exciting features to Bikemap and Wandermap:

1. Official cycle and hiking routes

You all know OpenStreetMap, the great Wikipedia-like cartography project. Deep down in the database of OSM there is lots of data that doesn’t make it onto usual map renderings (be it the one on or our own).

Official cycle and hiking routes are a good example. Most of the data they contain are not displayed on maps, although on some maps like the great OpenCycleMap more than on others. “Official” means that these routes are maintained by official entities, and often sign-posted.


We are now importing these routes into Bikemap and Wandermap – be it continental like this Eurovelo route or this long distance hiking path, or regional routes. They receive an own page each showing all data from OSM. That data is still incomplete in many aspects, by plotting that data on a map and making it easy to browse through these routes we also want to motivate people to contribute to OSM and help making the data about the official cycle and hike routes of the world complete.

We have imported about 18,000 official cycle routes und 31,000 official hiking paths, so far only in Europe. And only those that at least have a name.


2. Heatmap overlay

We have plotted the more than 1 million cycle routes that people have uploaded to Bikemap to a “heatmap” overlay. This way you can visually compare routes, find out where cyclists go and even use the heatmap for city planning.


This data is also used in our Cycle Routing Algorithm, which we are currently working on and which will extend Bikemap by a real route planner. We know where Europeans cycle.



3. Official routes overlay

In addition to the heatmap overlay we have added an official routes overlay to Bikemap and Wandermap that shows the official routes network. The layout of this overlay is early beta, we still have to improve the design and add more valuable data. But it already shows the existing infrastructure and helps when you plan your next trip.