Welcome to Toursprung

Toursprung GmbH is based in Konstanz/Germany and Vienna/Austria, where around a dozen passionate team members love to create mapping products people actually use. Have a look at the range of customer projects built with our technology Maptoolkit.



Helge Fahrnberger
Helge FahrnbergerCEO
Helge has been developing web applications for 15 years. He teaches Online Journalism at the Uni of Vienna and is founder of the award winning watchblog Read his blog at
Peter Höflehner
Peter HöflehnerProject Management
Peter has several years of experience in product and project management in IT & tourism.
Max Demmelbauer-Wukits
Max Demmelbauer-WukitsHead of Development
Max is geo-software developer and software architect with a special focus on scalability. Max leads our team of developers.


Photos (3): Lisa Lux