We have neglected our blog far too long, sorry for that. Many shiny new customer projects that are worth mentioning stayed unmentioned.

For now Mathias Kimpl from the Vienna based agency Wunderman PXP has done our job on his personal blog, documenting the great hike and bike route portal (in German) they implemented with our technology Maptoolkit for the Austrian regions Sölden, Ötztal and Obergurgl. (<-- See these links for the outcome!) The great thing about the project: Wunderman PXP implemented it largely on their own, relying on existing MTK functionality and its documentation, with only occasional support from us. That is what Maptoolkit was made for: Empowering our customers to build the applications they want, the way they want. Contents and route descriptions are fully hosted on their servers, giving their site full SEO value. No iFrames, ma'am. Screenshots:

Above: Choose your ideal route by using the map and/or a range of filter controls.

Above: The interactive route view, with elevation profile, metadata and download options. Example: Hüttentour Windachtal.

Above: All routes that pass a certain point, put together as a set. In this example all routes that pass the village of Sölden.