Our product Maptoolkit is a complex one, so people looking for online map technology may find out that Maptoolkit is too powerful for their needs only after enquiring.


Here’s a simple quiz for eveyone asking themselves:

Is Maptoolkit the right technology for my project?

  1. Do you want to display large amounts of points of interest (or routes) on a map?
  2. Do you need best performance and scalability?
  3. Do you want to display your own geodata and/or cover a big range of touristic/informational geodata needs with 3rd-party sources (that we provide)?
  4. Are you impressed by Maptoolkit implementations such as Austria.info, MaptheQ or Bikemap.net?
  5. Are you responsible for a large scale web project that needs mapping technology and data, and ready to invest what it takes?
  6. Do you need to get your project online superquick?
  7. Do you rather rent proven technology than undergoing risk and costs of having to develop your own solution?

If you have 5 or more “Yes” on the above, you should get in touch!