We provide flexibility

Looking for the best combination between “Make” and “Buy” in geo technology for your web or smartphone applications? Look no further. Read more about the Maptoolkit framework.

Your apps will scale

Have millions of POIs or millions of users? Or both? Our scalability and performance suites have handled hundreds of geo requests since you started reading this sentence.

In best company

Some of the strongest brands in European tourism and publishing have outsourced their digital mapping to Toursprung. See Maptoolkit Showcases.

What others say

Working for the Austrian Tourism Board I was in contact with many map providers. Toursprung were the first to make maps “social”, to work with innovative projects such as OpenStreetMap and to be able to offer quick, affordable solutions in high quality.
Martin Schobert, TourismusDesign.com
The user interface is so well done and intuitive that one feels allured like a fruit fly by an apple-balsamic-cocktail.
Jochen Reinecke, Riesenmaschine.de
Who is looking for cycling routes should have a look at Bikemap.net. Ideal if you have just moved and don’t feel like messing around with paper maps on the search for usable training trails.
Jochen Reinecke, c't Magazin