Maptoolkit (MTK) is a cartography framework providing maximum versatility and scalability to a multitude of online and mobile use cases. Performant index servers index and mirror your geo data for maximum scalability, a solid server-side clustering ensures quick and usable display of any amount of geo data, with sophisticated features like heatmap display and multi-zoom.

It is used by market leading brands in publishing and tourism throughout Europe (see also our Showcases):

Core modules of the Maptoolkit framework

The MTK framework is based on a thoroughly documented and well tested Javascript API that is based on the open source project Leaflet JS. It can optionally refer to the Google Maps API as well when Google features are needed. The API is hosted and continously developed by Toursprung. The API currently stands at version 8.8.

API v8.8

It contains the full feature set of Leaflet (see here) and additional functionality such as the visual route editor that is used on route portals such as Bikemap, Sentres, Tourwerk and many more, various infowindow templates and other interface improvements, and full integration with MTK Geo-Data Hosting and the Toursprung Geocoding API. The Maps API is fully internationalized (see showcases in two dozen languages) and works well in touch environment such as iPad, iPhone or Android (show mobile demo). All our functions can be called by external javascript functions – and are thus fully customizable, even from outside the map div.

Maptoolkit is being interfaced along the whole interface logic using Javascript and can be tailored to your project’s individual needs. A full documentation is available upon request.

Maptoolkit has been optimized for high traffic applications with big data sets. The MTK cluster currently serves 3M+ map requests per day. The MTK Geo Data Platform manages more than 10M objects.

  • A caching logic pre-generates data tiles so individual POIs have not to be requested from the database.
  • Strong and redundant hardware holds all regularly called data in RAM.
  • Server-side clustering enables to show unlimited large data sets, while maintaining high performance and best user experience.

An admin backend enables data view and management as well as creation of map views with individual functionality and data sets, in a graphical MapWizard. The MapWizard can be integrated into your CMS (regardless of technology) without much effort.

Maptoolkit is not just technology – it comes preloaded with millions of POIs from various sources: Sights, restaurants, photos, videos, sport routes, cafés, current weather, etc. You can choose per each map view which data you display, and how.

See this demo of Panoramio photos for an example of preloaded data: Pictures from are being displayed for any map view worldwide. Whenever there is a route within the map section, only pictures along this route are being selected.

A syndication functionality in addition enables customers to share data on voluntary basis to increase attractivity and reach of the own platform.

Synchronization of customer data is usually handled by Toursprung (precondition: a structured interface). Toursprung alternatively offers a Push API. The customer data layout is untouched by Toursprung, we adapt to your format, not vice versa. Output is handled using the customer’s database IDs to keep implementation effort on the customer side to a minimum.

Cartography-sampleWith MTK all compatible (free or commercial) cartography services can be displayed, for example map layers of the Google Maps API, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, Kompass, MapQuest, etc. Layers also can be combined with each other.

As base map Toursprung offers an own cartographic layer: A combined street and relief map on basis of the data of the OpenStreetMap project that in many parts of Europe has overtaken commercial sources in terms of data quality. These data are complemented with a topographical view (relief depiction plus elevation lines) with the excellent resolution of 30m in the Alps and 90m in the rest of the world.This map is available until zoom level 17 which corresponds a scale of about 1:3,500. As a comparison: Google’s terrain map is available until zoom level 15 (about scale 1:12,500).

Map data is updated regularly so the map stays up to date. The relief map by Toursprung currently is available for the northern hemisphere (north of 15th latitude). For the southern hemisphere we suggest to use MapQuest until we cover also the southern hemisphere (planned for the months to come).

Current users of the Toursprung relief map include,,, or

Check out the cartography demo

The MTK cartography is available in the form of an URL-based Static Maps API that can also display markers, KMLs and other geo content.

Click on these examples:

Static map, zoom level 10
Static map, zoom level 17
Static map, showing KML with half-transparent country borders
Static map, showing KML with route


Usage within PDFs is allowed. Optionally a Print cartography API (300dpi) can be supplied.



Sentres-elevationThe MTK Maps API contains functionality especially suited for projects handling routes or trails (such as hiking or cycling routes) for example the Visual Route Editor that is used on route portals such as Bikemap, Sentres, Tourwerk and many more. With the Route Editor users or authors can draw routes using a magnetic tool (that follows roads and ways) or a line tool (for offroad routes). They can also upload GPX or KML files and then edit them in the editor. An elevation profile is shown and updated in realtime while drawing.

Routes hosted by MTK Geo-Data Hosting are being automatically enriched by configurable interactive elevation profiles and meta data such as distance, vertical climb, highest point, etc. This meta data can also be sent back to customer database via an API.

An optional filmstrip module (see this demo) enriches routes with pictures from Only pictures along this route are being selected.

Maptoolkit is fully integrated with a 3D engine that runs in all modern browsers, without installables or plugins. Geodata such as routes, POIs and marker cluster are fully available. The user can switch between 2D and 3D seamlessly, remembering map sections and perspectives across the switches.

3D animation


An example implementation can be seen at, implemented for Red Bull.


Optional modules of the Maptoolkit framework

A Geocoding API hosted by Toursprung can be used for the conversion of coordinates to postal addresses and vice versa. The MTK Maps API contains a simple Location Search Control that enables endusers to navigate quickly to places, countries or postal addresses. The control can be used with any Geocoding provider, or with the Toursprung Geocoding API. In addition the Geocoding API can be used to geocode address lists, and a lot more. Please enquire for a demo.

iPhone-Bikemap-kleinTo use Maptoolkit in smartphone apps we provide SDKs (Software Development Kits) for iOS and Android. (A basic Windows Phone integration is possible, too.) These SDKs allow the usage of MTK cartography and clustered geo data in third party apps. This ensures a device-independent presentation of data and makes it possible to take advantage of the MTK stack. We can provide source-readable and code-commented sandbox apps for quick and easy integration into your apps.

The following functionalities are available vie the SDKs:

  • Usage of the topographic MTK cartography
  • Presentation of POIs and routes on the map
  • Intelligent clustering
  • Offline usage of maps and geo data
  • Configurable marker and cluster design

The SDKs can be tested in numerous existing apps such as the Bikemap app, the Wlanmap app, Youth Hotspot or Wandermap.

If you want to outsource your entire app development please have a look at our app framework.

We can provide the Maptoolkit cartography in 300dpi over an URL-based static maps interface for manual or automatic generation of printable maps. All usage scenarios are possible, from PDFs to flyers and books. Contact us for quotes or further details.

Sample (magnified by factor 4 to illustrate printability):


Maptoolkit in a Box is a self-hosted mapping solution for customers with elevated security requirements (no external file calls) or for integration within an international Content Delivery Network. Toursprung provides the cartography for a defined area of the world as well as the needed software with open sources, and delivers half-yearly to yearly updates.

MTK in a Box consists of the following components:

  • Tile server: Pre-rendered cartography in form of static image files, in defined areas and zoom levels.
  • MTK Maps API (Javascript)
  • Optional: Static Maps Server (Python)
  • Optional: Geocoding Server (Postgres and PHP)

Toursprung supports customers with server architecture and installation. MTK in a box can be combined with the full application hosted by Toursprung, for example by using the hosted version on low security applications and the self-hosted version for high security applications.


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